Avoid wordy phrases

Simpler alternatives to wordy phrases

Even when a more formal or authoritative tone is called for, elaborate expressions and big words are rarely necessary. Used in excess, they can sound pompous, alienate the reader, hinder communication and even cause unintentional humour.

Wordy phrase Simpler alternative/s
a majority of most
adequate number of enough
along the lines of like
appears to be appears
with regard to about, regarding
at such time as when
at the present time, at this time now
until such time as until
be in a position to able to, can
I am of the opinion I believe, I think
by means of by
despite the fact that although
due to the fact that because
during such time while
for the reason that because
make a decision to decide to
has the ability to can
if conditions are such that if
in a timely manner quickly, on time
in close proximity to near, next to
in many cases often, usually
in the event that if
it has come to my attention that I have learned
on a daily basis every day, daily
in view of the fact that as, because, since
it is recommended that we recommend
it would appear that apparently
it would be advisable to should, ought
notwithstanding because
be cognisant of the fact that realise, be aware
prior to before
that being the case therefore
to the fullest extent possible fully
to the extent that as much as
with reference to the fact that about, concerning

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