Strategy and planning

Guidance and resources to help you plan your communications to achieve your goals – whether big picture or small.

Simplifying your messaging workshop

John Walsh's Community Comms Collective workshop on simplifying the development of your messaging using the 'Message House' tool (20 September 2019).

Communications planning workshop

Susie Hall’s Community Comms Collective workshop on planning for success: communications that will make a difference (24 March 2017).

View the presentation slides (with comprehensive notes) and Susie's top tips below.

Communications planning template

Guidance on how to develop a written plan that sets out how you are going to communicate with your audiences and stakeholders.

Strategic communications

Knowhow Nonprofit's step-by-step guide to developing a communications strategy.

Digital communications strategy

Curative's introductory guide to digital communication strategy, tips, tricks, and tools.

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