Digital marketing

Guidance and resources to help you reach and communicate effectively with your stakeholders, supporters and volunteers online.

Digital marketing workshop

Tim Dorrian's Community Comms Collective workshop on digital marketing for non profits (2 December 2022).

Aro Digital offers regular free marketing education and consultation for purpose driven organisations.

Best practice social media for non profits

Resources on getting the most out of social media, writing social media policy and managing negative social media.

Google Adwords

Resources to help navigate Google Adwords and Google Ad Grants for Nonprofits (we also suggest you book an Impact Hour with Aro Digital (above) to see if it's worth your while.

Comparison of social media platforms

Influencer marketing

Resources on how to collaborate with social media influencers to grow support for your cause.

Creating effective e-newsletters

Advice on how to create effective e-newsletters

Email marketing software

Guides to the best email marketing software services available, comparing different features.

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