Social media

Guidance and resources to help you make the most of social media channels.

Stepping up your social media workshop

Podcast of Katie Byrne’s Community Comms Collective workshop on social media (16 September 2016).

Best practice social media for non profits

Resources on getting the most out of social media.

Social media policy

Guidance and examples on how to write a social media policy from Hootsuite (social media management software company).

Influencer marketing

Resources on how to collaborate with social media influencers to grow support for your cause.

Social media integration

Article from CharityComms on how to plan social activity to align and integrate with your other comms.

Managing negative social media

Blog post from Social Media Week on how to respond to negative comments on your social media pages.

Comparison of social media platforms

Impact Branding & Design's break down of the key social media platforms

Social media in government

Guidance to encourage best practice social media use by government agencies. Provides useful templates and tools for planning and gives an overview of the strengths, weaknesses, benefits and risks.

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