Passing of a baton in support of comms professionals

27 July 2021

The Community Comms Collective and the New Zealand Communication Association (NZCA) have announced the passing of a baton to support communications professionals and the community sector.

The association, an incorporated society, is winding up after 20 years, and is gifting its surplus funding to the Community Comms Collective, given the similarity of the organisation’s objectives.

The association was established to support the teaching and research of communication academics and the careers of communication professionals. The NZCA published its own journal and held annual conferences to discuss teaching and research among communication practitioners.

Association President Nuddy Pillay said the professional environment had changed for communications practitioners, and there was no longer a need for the specialist support the organisation had provided.

“The NZCA brought together communication professionals and communication academics from across New Zealand and the world as a strong and committed community of practice for many years. Today, the landscape has changed and the Association recognised the need to move on”.

Nuddy said the association felt that the Community Comms Collective objectives and aspirations provided communications professionals with a valuable pathway to build their skills at the same time as contributing to the community through volunteering.

Community Comms Collective trustees Gail Marshall, Louise Lum and Sue McCabe said they felt honoured to be receiving the funds.

“We acknowledge the contribution that the association, its members and volunteers, have made to the profession. With the passing over of funds, their legacy will live on in the Community Comms Collective, which matches communications professionals wanting to donate their time with community groups seeking help,” Sue said.