Human-centred comms with Mitra

  • Break free of linear ways of thinking about communications, and put humans and values at the centre of your communications practice.

    Mitra is a human-centred communication agency that does things a bit differently. They draw on neuroscience, psychology and the science of storytelling as well as using methods like Agile and design thinking. At the heart of their work are theories of change involving core human values. In essence, empathy is embedded in all our approaches and we prioritise building connections based on trust.

    This webinar brings you the highlights of our recent in-person workshop on human-centred communication - plus new insights and real-life examples.

    We’ll look at the research on human values and the science of storytelling, exploring what unites people around a cause. Using examples from media coverage, we’ll consider what this means for communicators, and discuss evidence-based methodologies that deepen connections and help instil empathy into our daily practice.

    This is a Community Comms Collective workshop for not-for-profits and collective volunteers hosted in collaboration with Volunteer Wellington and Centre for Social Impact, supported by JacksonStone & Partners. We are grateful for their support and for our speakers giving their time and talent pro bono.

    Date and time

    Friday 8 September | 10-11am


    Online - attendees will receive a link two days ahead of the webinar


    here by Tuesday 5 September

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