How important is your reputation?

  • If reputation matters to you and your organisation, you need to understand the critical role effective communication and engagement plays in reputation management – before, during and after an issue or crisis.

    Trust across all sectors is in decline, including for the not-for-profit sector. This is the result of a growing aversion to authority, partly due to the democratisation of information via social media and the rise of ‘citizen journalism’. People tend to believe friends, family, and colleagues (that is, people like them) more than institutions.

    With heightened public scrutiny of corporate, public and charity sector behaviour, questions of perceived ‘value’ to shareholders or taxpayers, and a stronger sense of community ownership, it is becoming more difficult for organisations to enjoy and maintain the cornerstones of reputation – credibility, trust and confidence.

    After our lockdown hiatus, Karl Ferguson is back on board to run this interactive session on reputation management. You'll explore what reputation management is and why it matters, what to do during an issue or a crisis and be taken through a number of case studies that highlight the dos and don’ts.

    About Karl Ferguson

    Karl is an experienced communications and engagement director with over 20 years in the profession. Karl was previously the Director for Communication and Engagement for Auckland Council, has held a number of senior management roles across several government agencies, and has experience working in both the private and not for profit sectors. Karl led the All-of-Government communications response to the Christchurch Earthquakes, and the Rena sinking, and has been responsible for managing a wide range of communications issues. He is a Board member for the Australasian Emergency Media and Public Affairs (EMPA) organisation, is currently working as consultant for a number of public sector organisations, and is a much valued Community Comms Collective volunteer.

    This is a Community Comms Collective workshop for not-for-profits hosted by Volunteer Wellington and supported by Cabix Communications and JacksonStone & Partners. Community Comms Collective volunteers are welcome to attend.

    St John's in the City conference room is wheelchair accessible but there is currently no disability parking due to on-site construction.

    Date and time

    Friday 4 September | 10-11.30am


    St John's in the City Conference Centre, Willis Street, Wellington


    by Monday 31 August to

    COST: $5 koha to Volunteer Wellington to cover venue/morning tea

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