Samaritans mentoring a win-win

The match…

Experienced communications consultant and coach Fiona Cassidy mentored Isabelle Grundy, Communications Advisor at the Samaritans of Wellington.

The client’s perspective – Isabelle says…

“I started my job for Samaritans fresh out of university and was working as the sole communications person there. Fiona made a huge difference in building my confidence as a recent graduate, and provided me with the mentorship I needed so early in my career. During my first big project – organising the Samaritans street appeal – Fiona guided me through an effective communications campaign. This, combined with help from other people, resulted in a huge increase in profit compared to the previous year.

“What I enjoyed most was working with someone, Fiona, who held the same values as our organisation – where the end goal for both of us was to help others in the community.

“The support I received from the collective, from Fiona and also by attending the collective’s free workshops, was amazing.”

The volunteer’s perspective – Fiona says…

“I really enjoy mentoring as it gives me the opportunity to work with fabulous new people to the communications profession, like Isabelle. Isabelle really wanted to make a difference and despite limited resources, having a ‘can do’ attitude meant we got things really moving. We brainstormed possibilities around the annual appeal to develop a plan that saw Isabelle bringing together a wide range of stakeholders to help – from MPs, community representatives and even her friends – which led to more funds being raised than in previous appeals.

“It’s great to be involved with the Community Comms Collective, which gives back to our profession. Life-long learning is key and it’s nice to be part of that kaupapa. It was great to work with Isabelle and I think I learnt as much as she learnt from me.”

The Samaritans provide a non-judgemental, confidential telephone support service 24 hours a day to New Zealanders who may be suffering from depression, emotional distress or suicidal thoughts.

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“I was so lucky to be able to call on one of the pros for guidance and support. Fiona provided me with her wealth of communications knowledge.”

Isabelle Grundy,Samaritans