Help future proof our matchmaking services

Boost our free communications boost to community organisations!

We’re looking for a community-minded partner to develop a simple software solution to support our 100% volunteer-run matchmaking services.

Established in Wellington in 2013 on goodwill, a website and two excel spreadsheets, today the Community Comms Collective is a nationwide service of more than 500 volunteers, helping hundreds of community groups communicate better.

While we’ve scaled up to meet demand and have a great team of volunteer matchmakers who make it all happen, we still run our charity from a couple of spreadsheets – and it’s giving us growing pains!

oWe’re looking for a technical solution to better manage our volunteer and project records and make our matchmaking lives easier. We’ve already done some groundwork to understand what we need (and want) so we can hit the ground running.

Help us ensure the Community Comms Collective can continue to support our community for many years to come.

Please share with your networks, connect us with your favourite software/app/database/product development person, team or company, or get in touch if think you might be able to help.