Who we are

We’re comms people volunteering our time to help community organisations communicate better.

From communications directors to recent graduates, we’re experts in writing, editing, social media, web usability, strategy, internal communications, media, stakeholder relations, marketing communications, change communications, branding and more.

Some of us work full-time, others part-time. Some of us contract, some of us are studying. Others are taking a career break or at home with kids. One thing we have in common is that we all want to give some of our time – even just a little – to help boost the efforts of the amazing organisations working in our communities.

You can see a list some of our volunteers in People helping others and more on the work they’ve done in Case studies.

Getting to the heart of the matter…

Our vision:
Connected communities for a stronger New Zealand.
Our mission:
Volunteering our skills and time to help the community sector communicate more effectively.
Our values:
Give a boost | Step up | Keep it simple | Have fun

Founders and trustees

Gail Marshall and Sue McCabe set up the Community Comms Collective in Wellington in 2013,  hoping to harness the generosity of communications people and achieve more than they could through their individual efforts. They are the founding trustees of the Community Comms Collective Charitable Trust. In 2017, Louise Lum joined Gail and Sue on the Trust Board.

Our team

Our services are managed by volunteers in Wellington and Auckland who bring valuable knowledge, experience and connections to their work ‘helping people help others’.

Gail Marshall

Gail is a freelance communications contractor with over 18 years’ experience in communications across the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. Gail dreamed up the collective on the simple premise that collectively we can achieve so much more than as individuals and that any time people have to give is valuable. Running the collective has turned her life a multi-tasking symphony, but she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Sue McCabe

Sue has a background in communications but generally likes to keep her work as diverse, challenging and flexible as possible. Sue has been a volunteer, like forever. She’s convinced that inside every New Zealander is a volunteer itching to get out and give – and that the collective offers a great way to free this inner being. Sue’s a staunch advocate of the power of and greater potential for the community and voluntary sector to work in partnership with government and corporates to make New Zealander an even cooler place to live in.

Louise Lum
Matchmaker (Web Usability)

Louise loves helping organisations make their websites relevant and easy to use. Her career path went from a ballet stage towards business, communications and IT studies, followed by work in the public sector. In March 2017 she received a special commendation in the Technology Volunteer of the Year category at the TechSoup NZ New Zealand Charities Technology Awards. Other hats include mother of two and consultant at Taskusability.co.nz.

Anna Griffiths
Matchmaker (Wellington)

Anna has been a volunteer with the collective since the get go. She reckons it’s a wonderful way to help organisations that serve our communities – every volunteer makes a difference directly and that’s a great reward. Anna’s a marketing and comms professional who has worked across the private, public and not for profit sectors – a large chunk in the finance sector with a focus on financial literacy. The work she’s loved most has been in social marketing, because it’s about encouraging people to do things that will benefit them as individuals, as well as benefiting our communities.

Miranda James
Matchmaker (Auckland)

Originally a journalist, Miranda has 17 years of senior communications experience under her belt, in the UK and New Zealand. Having worked across the public, private and not-for-profit sectors she’s familiar with the struggle for capability many community organisations face. When she came across the collective it struck her as an ingenious solution – and a great way to connect with inspiring people.

“ Asking for help of the collective was one of the best decisions we have made and we tell everyone we meet to use this fantastic support! ”

Natasha McDougall,Parkinsons New Zealand