The science of effective messaging

  • As organisations and people working on solutions to big social and environmental problems, we want to base our communications on the most effective strategies available.

    New research suggests that the ingredients for effective messages are more complex than we tend to assume.

    Values-based messaging isn’t a silver bullet for all the communications challenges of an organisation working on complex issues. But it is a solid foundation for creating coherent messages that reach across diverse audiences. It is proving to be a powerful tool for creating a more receptive environment for good evidence. It also helps us identify ways to talk about complex issues in ways that engage people and motivate them to act.

    This presentation and Q+A will cover research and methods from:

    • cognitive, behavioural and implementation sciences,
    • values research, and
    • communications sciences.

    The Workshop's Co-Director Marianne Elliott will introduce you to values that:

    • are widely held across the audiences you want to engage with,
    • are aligned and consistent with the internal values and goals of your organisation, and
    • have been shown to be effective in motivating pro-social and pro-environmental action.

    What is unique about this approach to messaging?

    • It is research driven.
    • It has strong theoretical and scientific foundations.
    • It is participatory and inclusive.
    • It connects people to each other, and to good information.
    • It creates the opportunity for real change.

    About the presenter

    Marianne Elliott is a researcher, strategist and storyteller who has used story-based research, advocacy and campaigning to build support for pro-social laws and policy over the past two decades. Trained as a human rights lawyer, Marianne has worked in Gaza, Timor Leste and Afghanistan and at Oxfam New Zealand. More recently she co-founded ActionStation. Marianne has extensive experience in training people in organisations seeking positive change.

    “The workshop was enlightening for me. It challenged some of my long held assumptions about values and frames. The workshop really helped to better organise my thinking on the ways we need to construct and communicate our social change work. I would recommend it for anyone who wants to be more effective in their work to improve the world.” Mary O’Hagan, Director, PeerZone

    Date and time

    Friday 1 March | 10.00 - 11.30am


    St John's in the City Conference Centre, Willis Street, Wellington


    by Monday 25 February to

    COST: $5 koha to Volunteer Wellington to cover venue/morning tea

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